26 Feb

Oh, where do I begin with my love of TurboFire? Let me start out by saying that I do NOT work for TurboFire nor get any commission for promoting any Beachbody programs. But I should considering how many people I’ve turned on to this program!

I’ve always had a passion for fitness-I’m a  BodyPump instructor and love to run and take group fitness classes. Since I’ve become a nurse, getting to the gym in between shifts has been progressively more difficult. I don’t like making excuses for myself and after experiencing a weight gain I realized it was no one’s fault but my own and something had to change.

I contacted a friend I had met while out on a trip in California who works for Beachbody and he suggested I try Insanity. I was worried about the high impact exercises and didn’t think I was strong enough to complete the program. I had also had a short run-in with P90x and it just wasn’t for me. I got so bored and realized I need something that has great music, high intensity, and keeps me from staring at the clock! Then we talked about TurboFire. Could it be true-workouts as short as 25 minutes a day!? Yes, please!

Basically, weight loss a combination of calories in v. calories out. That’s it. Yes, add more muscle mass to increase your calorie burn. Yes, certain foods can increase your calorie burn. Whatever. In vs. Out. TurboFire wasn’t going to help me lose weight because it’s “TurboFire”-it’s not magic-but I knew that this program would give me the cardio and intensity I needed to see my HR climb and the fat melt away. I combine the program with Weight Watchers and believe that being 100% accountable for everything you put in your mouth is the biggest key to weight loss. Write it down!

So, what’s it like?

I got 11 DVDs in my program. Talk about variety!

The program is 5 months in length. The months are as follows:

Month 1: HIIT 1 (High Intensity Interval Training month/scattered cardio)

Month 2: Cardio (More of your kickbox routines with HIIT training scattered throughout)

Month 3: HIIT 2 (Longer HIIT training plus cardio)

Month 4: Advanced Cardio (Need to purchase a couple extra DVDs here-I haven’t yet but longer cardio sessions basically)

Month 5: HIIT 3 (Even longer HIIT training plus cardio)

The HIIT DVDs vary in length from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. There is a warm up and cool-down, and in-between you will do a High Intensity Interval (jumping jacks, sumo squats, sumo burpees, air jacks, etc.) for about 1 minute, then rest for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat. Feel like you’re dying. No, just kidding. Feels awesome.

The cardio “Fire” DVDs are great. They vary in length from 30-55 minutes (you can also buy the advanced to get to 60 minutes). I like that it’s as if you’re in a real live TurboFire class. Chalene encourages me to push hard-I’m the biggest dork in my basement screaming “woot”, “woo hoo,” “Turbo!”, “Fire” and “I’m not tired!” It’s utterly embarrassing sometimes that I get so super excited about this program!

There are also workouts for toning: Strength 30 and Tone 30. You will use a band for these workouts and OMGee…seriously tough stuff. I tend to think I’m a bit of a badass because I teach BodyPump and pack on the weights. I find that I need the lightest bands possible and take breaks (sometimes) during the toning workouts. My arms are beginning to look amazing and I can’t believe I’m getting there with bands.

The Core 20 DVD is one of my favorites. If I have more time at the end of a workout I’ll sometimes add it on. You will use bands for toning your abs and also do some floorwork. I still haven’t gotten tired of this one.

I also should mention there are Stretch DVDs included, Stretch 10 and Stretch 40. I don’t do them. I do the little stretches at the end of all the DVDs (basically the cooldown) but do not add on these DVDs. I have never liked stretching and would rather add on a longer workout. I know, it’s terrible and to prevent injury I should stretch. If you met me, you’d know I don’t have the attention span for all that!

I’m currently (as of 2/6/12) halfway through month 2. I’ll post my results when I’m finished but I’m already loving how my arms and abs are looking and mostly, how I’m feeling. My energy is through the roof!

Message me or leave me a comment if you have any other Turbo questions-I’m just so in love with this program!


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