26 Feb

Is it a problem that the second I typed the word “insomnnia” I thought of “insomnia cookies” and how I could really go for a cookie right now…at 6am!? I figured now would be a good time to write a blog post since I can’t sleep. My husband snores terribly and I just lay there thinking of how I can reposition him without waking him up to make it just stop!

Anyway, now that I’m up I wanted to post a couple pics of the Buffalo chicken Enchiladas I made last night from How Sweet it Is. Absolutely. Amazing. I woke up thinking about them but then realized it would be inappropriate to eat Enchiladas at the crack of morning! The recipe is here:

I did make a couple adjustments. My husband has an aversion to anything delicious-in this case green onions, enchilada sauce, and gorgonzola-so we omitted them and added flash-cooked (I think that’s the term-par cooking?) red and green chopped peppers to the chicken mixture. In place of the enchilada sauce we used a can of salsa to make our sauce. *tip-double the sauce in this recipe! You’re going to need it. And make it hot. We used the full amount of hot sauce called for in the recipe. We also used a low-carb tortilla and topped them with a lite mixed shredded cheese and I put light sour cream and cilantro on top of mine.

We spent last night making these delicious enchiladas and watching our Wednesday night reruns of Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Happy Endings. Thank goodness for the DVR or I’d miss all my favorite shows!




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